Saudi Sudanese Bank: Providing electronic services

Posted on January 30th, 2023

Khartoum 1-24-2019 (SUNA) – Tariq Hassan Al-Ajab, Director of the Coordination, Media and Public Relations Department at the Saudi Sudanese Bank, confirmed that the banking services provided by the bank come for the convenience of the customer, and that the bank has several types of electronic payment applications.

He said in a statement to (SUNA) during their participation in the 36th edition of the Khartoum International Fair that the service that is considered easy and convenient is the mobile service, through which two types of accounts and two types of applications were created. During that, conducting the banking operations requested by the customer.

The second type is a mobile application for people who do not have bank cards, and registration for the application is only through the mobile number, and through the application, the customer can also perform all banking operations.

He added that the POS service is a modern service that was launched so that customers can purchase their supplies from various shops such as supermarkets, groceries, petrol pumps and others.

He explained that banking services include internet banking, a service that allows companies to manage their accounts wherever they are and to carry out all banking operations through the application.