The grand opening of our branch in Nayla City

Posted on June 3rd, 2022

The governor of South Darfur, Hamid Muhammad Al-Tijani Hanoon, assured when he launching the branch of the Saudi Sudanese Bank in Nyala on March 20, 2022 that, the bank would contribute to the development of the economy and it would be a real addition to the banks in the state.

Mr. Salah El-Din Al-Harith Hamad, Assistant General Manager of the Saudi Sudanese Bank, said that the bank’s branch in Nyala represents branch No. 18 in the states of Sudan.

He assured that the bank constitutes a major economic pillar for the citizens of South Darfur, and that the bank has all advanced banking and financing services for companies, individuals and productive family projects that contribute to the development of society.

meanwhile Mr. Mohamed Salih, Deputy Director of the Central Bank of Sudan, Nyala Branch, said that the Saudi Sudanese Bank represents a real addition to banks in the city of Nyala, wishing that the bank would contribute to developing the economy in South Darfur.

Dr. Ismail Bashir Khaled, director of the Saudi Sudanese Bank, Nyala branch, said that the bank will activate investment work in South Darfur by providing a unique service in the banking field worthy of the citizens of South Darfur